Consolidating plus loans

18-Jun-2017 20:06

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The interest rate of the new loan is a weighted average of your prior loans.

Although it may seem counter intuitive, you can obtain a federal consolidation loan even if you have only one loan.

There is no need to pay a company hundreds of dollars to assist you in consolidating your loan.

Earnest uses data science and custom software to better understand your full financial profile and reduce our overhead costs.

But the benefit of refinancing is always the same: having more money in your bank account to do the things you dream of.

So whether it’s a big vacation, preparing to send more kids to college, or well-earned retirement—you’re ready.

Unless the consolidation has a better interest rate or lower payments, there are no real benefits to obtaining a private consolidation loan.

If your current loans are eligible for the various repayment plans you are considering, then you might want to hold off on consolidating until absolutely needed.

If you have federal student loans, you may be wondering if loan consolidation is a good idea.

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