Ice dancers virtue and moir dating site

02-Jun-2017 23:58

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The couple earned two silver medals at the Sochi Olympics: a silver for Team Canada in the inaugural team event, plus another in the ice dance competition.

They own three world championship titles: 2010, 20.

He started skating at age 4, joining his skating family: His mother coached figure skating, his dad played hockey and his brothers skated, too.

They teamed up in 1997 skating together when she was 7 and he was 9 after his aunt, who was coaching them at the time, matched them up.

We have to keep reminding each other because it’s easy to get wrapped up.

As a competitor, the gold medal is the be all, end all.

Figure skating beginnings Virtue was born in London, Ontario, Canada on May 17, 1989.When they returned for the 2016-17 season, they moved their base to Montreal, Canada, with Marie-France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon.

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