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About The Naked Screen (Saturday at 10pm) The Naked Screen, presented by the Improv Playhouse of San Francisco, combines the essential elements of San Francisco-based longform improvisation: commitment to character and story, and the ability to create rich environments and genres.

The improvisers take the stage without knowing what genre of movie they’ll be performing that evening, and with a simple suggestion from the audience the story begins.

Hugely popular in San Francisco, The Naked Stage makes its Austin debut at the 2012 Improvised Play Festival.

The Naked Stage combines San Francisco’s tradition of narrative longform improvisation with the demands and surprises of traditional theater.

The questions can be created with the help of a cast member when the audience volunteer is off-stage in the sound-proof-booth.Hugely popular in San Francisco, The Naked Screen makes its Austin debut at the 2012 Improvised Play Festival.The Naked Screen requires of the improvisers not only that they create multiple characters and storylines on the spot, but that they also execute time and location transitions throughout the story, as in a movie.Karen Osit: Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister, Officiant, Counselor, Greenfield/Montague Contact Jam, Applied Improvisation Facilitator Academia, Gisela Viera Style, M.

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