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While pinned down on the rooftop, Dom took fire that was originally intended to hit Sam with the bullets piercing his body, essentially sacrificing himself to save Sam's life.

With the conclusion of that mission in the episode "Harm's Way", Nate's current assignment is undisclosed, although it is known that he is remaining in the Middle East for the time being.

Peter Cambor was credited as a main cast member during season one, but his character was downgraded to recurring at the start of season two.

In his future appearances, Cambor was credited as a Special Guest Star. An MIT alumnus, Dom moved straight to LA after he was recruited by NCIS following graduation.

Dom is an uncle, as evidenced by crayon drawings stuck to his refrigerator door.

Dom disappeared in the episode "Past Lives" (although his team does not realize this until the following episode "Missing"), and was finally found in the episode "Found".Nate returned to Los Angeles in "Patriot Acts" where he helped the team locate a domestic terrorist responsible for planting a bomb somewhere in the city.