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Owen Cook claims that Julien Blanc’s results are “the best I’ve seen with my own eyes” and that Julien’s understanding of the game is “on par with me… Julien is the perfect example of transition from crippling approach anxiety to consistently dating, in Cook’s words; “legit nines and tens”.

Julien Blanc developed his skill-set by going out with Cook for four to seven nights a week for two years.

Through its LIVE world tours, Real Social Dynamics conducts Bootcamps and Superconferences, that have trained thousands of clients, including a diverse variety of individuals ranging from Fortune 100 executives, royalty, celebrities, college students, and professionals from over 30 different countries.

RSD specializes in dating advice, image consultation, public representation, and integrating clients into social scenes.

- LOWEST STUDENT-TO-INSTRUCTOR RATIO - RSD has always maintained the lowest student-to-instructor ratio.

The “student-to-instructor ratio” is a crucial aspect of learning, because only with a small number of students is it possible to structure an up close learning experience with personalized feedback.

RSD has also been the go-to company for a number of high profile and celebrity clientele, for its privacy and long-held position of leadership in the industry.

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After traveling around the world numerous times, Real Social Dynamics built dating coach mastermind groups.

They are held to the highest standards of the industry – the art of charisma, attraction, and social dynamics is the business of RSD.


They have different ages, looks, and backgrounds, but get the same results by using the same RSD material and understandings that is taught on the program.

Like an attractive girl who has no trouble attracting practically every man that she interacts with, these guys understand what it means to be attractive to women and are able to convey it to every woman that they meet. Every woman they talk to is attracted instantly, because they understand the subcommunication that women respond to.

“When I started, I had so much approach anxiety that I could not approach on my own” he explains in one of his Free Tour videos.

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